All educational institutions have a great mission and ambition about their students. Our institution is also a great part of that mission and ambition. Generally our institution is a coaching institution which is registered under WEST BENGAL SHOPS & ESTABLISHMENTS ACT, 1963 & WEST BENGAL SHOPS AND ESTABLISHMENTS RULES, 1964. We have started our journey on 2007 and then we are continuing as a successful coaching institution. Now about over 250 students are studying with us. Every year we have been achieving a numbers of successful students with great marks and ranking. It is our pleasure to have a belief on behalf of our good students and guardians.

Our Mission:

Education is not only a value on mark sheet rather education helps us to run our lives with dignity and honor which must be beneficiary to our society as well as to our nation. Our mission is to provide such great lessons to our pupils and to try to educate the backward and economically distressed students by our scholarship scheme for those also.